A two player fighting game developed in Python using Pygame.

JUNE 2023 - AUG 2023

Weaponize is a two player platformer fighting game coded in Python using Pygame. It features quick and precise movement and a variety of weapons each with their own abilities to keep the game unique with every play.

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A web app to help students study Japanese using flashcards.


studygenki is a web app coded in Javascript that allows students to study customized flashcards based on the popular Japanese textbook Genki. Students can pick from a large group of study sets and save their progress.

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A web game fully developed in HTML and JavaScript.

JUNE 2022 - AUG 2022

Sprout Shooter is a web game coded entirely in Javascript and HTML. All original hand drawn sprites and images. Features a functioning score, level, and sharing feature.

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A portfolio website to showcase my personal works.

MAY 2022 - JULY 2022

This is the website you're curently on! It is fully responsive, coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Showcases my works in both software and design.

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